Prolific History as Trial Lawyer


Successful results by dismissal (D), settlement (S) or verdict/decision (V) in the following sample of high-profile cases:

  • United States v. Hirtzinger, (aircraft sabotage) (D)
  • State v. Susan Green (election fraud, perjury) (V)
  • State v. Hon. Harvey Ginsberg (felony damage to property)(V)
  • State v. Hon. Harvey Ginsberg (terroristic threats)(S)
  • United States v. Jan Gangelhoff (academic fraud) (D)
  • State v. Attorney William Jones (V)
  • State v. Moonen (murder) (S)
  • United States v. Bolstad et. al. (savings and loan fraud) (V, S)
  • United States v. Anderson (money laundering) (S)
  • State v. Clausen (controlled substance penalties) (D, S)
  • State v. Lov (bond reinstatement) (V)
  • State v. Pham (evidence recovery, murder) (S)
  • State v. Ritzer (1st degree criminal sexual conduct) (V)
  • State v. Moran (boating while intoxicated) (D)
  • South Dakota In Re J.A. (manslaughter) (V)
  • State v. Gilbert (felony assault on police officer) (V)
  • State v. Grengs (gang rape) (V)
  • State v. To (teacher kidnapping) (S)
  • State v. Peterson (felony assault on suspect) (V)
  • State v. Olson (assault w/firearm) (V)
  • State v. Sheriff Al Wallin (corruption)(V)
  • Numerous homicide grand jury “no bills”