Prolific History as Trial Lawyer

Our Approach

At Bruno Law, PLLC, our main focus is you, our client. We understand that each and every client brings a new set of issues, problems, and difficulties that they need to overcome. Many times these problems can appear to be overwhelming, and even impossible to deal with. We do not feel that way. There is no case that is hopeless, and if your freedom is on the line or you have been seriously harmed we will fight for you.

We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but we represent clients all across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Colorado. We represent individuals who have been charged with crimes ranging from murder and bank fraud to annoying traffic tickets. Our attorneys have combined experience of more than 36 years in all aspects of the criminal justice and appellate systems.

We strive to employ what we call a team approach to defending our clients. What does this mean to you? This means that when you retain us you will benefit from not only one attorney working for you, but from having access to each of us as your case progresses. We also actively involve the client, and with the client’s permission, the client’s family in all aspects of the case decision making process.

We will investigate the allegations, accusations, and claims that the Government or State is making against you. We also promise that, if you have witnesses, evidence, and a story to tell, it will be heard. We will treat you with respect. We will also give you firm and aggressive advice.  Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

We believe that what separates our firm from others is hard work, expansive knowledge of the law and the politics surrounding a criminal charge, and willingness to undertake novel and ocassionally very combative positions. We want to involve you in your process. You and your family’s life is about to change. The choice of what attorney to hire will have an incredible impact on what happens in your future.  We are willing to walk you through each step of the legal process, but also the important process of selecting the right attorney for you.